Research, dialogue and empowerment

Reserach, dialogue and capacity development are at the heart of Swedwatch’s work. We compile information and testimonies from human rights defenders, employers, authorities and people affected by company activities and make sure the needs of rights holders are at the centre.

By researching business-related environmental and human rights impacts across themes and sectors, Swedwatch proposes solutions to stakeholders including business and public actors. Participatory research ensures that the perspectives of rights holders are the driving forces behind change.

Swedwatch strives to empower rights holders and civil society actors representing their interests, and that these are able to claim their rights. Through capacity development and by providing platforms where civil society actors can engage in dialogue with other stakeholder groups, Swedwatch provides forums for empowerment and engagement.

Swedwatch intends to engage in dialogue with all relevant stakeholders; civil society actors, companies, investors, public authorities and decision makers. In our investigations, we offer all actors involved to publicly comment on our findings and we aim to keep the an ongoing dialogue through follow-up activities such as consultations, seminars or round tables with all stakeholders.

Constructive recommendations

We have a critical approach to all sources, and our aim is to provide an accurate picture in which all parties have an opportunity to have their say. With sustainable development as our overarching goal, we place great emphasis on constructive recommendations, based on established international guidelines on business, human rights and the environment and on dialogue with people adversely affected by business operations.

If a party feels that the reports give a misleading picture or incorrect information, that party can refer to our complaints procedure.