Research, dialogue & exchange

Swedwatch’s work is based on three intervention strategies; research and investigations, capacity building and exchange and dialogue and engagement across stakeholder groups.

Research and investigations

Independent research and investigations are the core of Swedwatch’s work. Since 2003, we have conducted research in over 40 countries and published over 100 reports uncovering human rights and environmental impacts of business operations in various sectors.

Our publications




Capacity building and exchange

In areas affected by unsustainable business operations, strengthening the ability of civil society actors to hold duty-bearers to account through capacity building activities is an important part of Swedwatch’s work. 

Capacity building also entails the dissemination of educational material to young consumers, such as How much for your hoodie? raising awareness on human rights risks in the supply chains of popular consumer products.

Dialogue and engagement

Promoting exchange and collaboration, Swedwatch creates space for dialogue between stakeholder groups within and across civil society,  business and public actors. This also entails dialogue with decision-makers at the national level as well as within the EU or the UN. Networks we engaged in include the European Coalition for Corporate Justice (ECCJ) and OECD Watch and we have consultative status at the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and accreditation to the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA).