The report presents investigations about the purchasing surgical instruments and hospital textiles by county councils. Swedwatch has conducted exploratory work in both Pakistan and India and we have ourselves visited all the factories.

A large proportion of the simple surgical instruments (scissors, tweezers, hemostats, etc.) that reach Swedish hospitals and health care centres have come from Sialkot in North Eastern Pakistan. Only a small amount of surgical instruments are imported into Sweden directly from Pakistan. A significant part of this trade is done via Germany. Two of the Swedish companies, Medixa and Sunnex Tillquist, who buys and sell simple surgical instruments to Swedish county councils tell SwedWatch that they buy from Pakistan. However, it is very possible that other companies purchase products made in Pakistan, either with or without their knowledge.

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Omslag kirurgiska
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Publication: Report
  • Region: South and Southeast Asia
  • Themes: Public procurement

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