lmage of mineral mining taken from above

The manufacture of electronics like smartphones and laptops requires vast quantities of minerals which are sourced around the world. Extraction of these minerals has been linked to severe impacts on human rights and the environment as well as armed conflicts.

Contracting authorities have a unique opportunity to apply social criteria in tender processes to support the responsible sourcing of minerals. But this is only happening to a limited degree.

The webinar Public procurement and minerals in electronics: Safeguarding human rights due diligence in supply chains of minerals used in ICT on 19 January 2021 explores opportunities for applying social criteria to ICT procurement with a focus on minerals.

It will examine experiences, strategies and methods used in European countries, where public authorities have actively included contract clauses related to responsible sourcing of minerals in ICT products. Furthermore, the webinar will provide insights into the risks involved in mineral extraction and considers an industry model which aims to enhance human rights due diligence practices in mineral supply chains.

For more details and registration, see the link above.

This webinar is part of Make ICT Fair, an EU-funded project that aims to improve the lives of workers and communities affected by production of ICT devices including smartphones and laptops.


  • Focus Areas: Public procurement
  • Industry: ICT
  • Publication: Article

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