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Our staff

Alice Blondel


+46(0)8 525 203 71

Alice Blondel has a background in strategic management and development with extensive experience leading initiatives that encompass investigations, research and advocacy. Her focus areas have been human rights, resource-based conflicts and climate change. She has worked closely with governments, inter-governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, as well as national and multi-national corporations. Her academic background is in development studies and international humanitarian assistance.

Anna Åkerblom


+46 (0)8 525 203 74

Anna holds a Master of Laws and is specialized in corporate responsibility, international environmental law and human rights. She has previously worked as a sustainability consultant and has several years of experience in strategic advice on and auditing of companies, authorities and organizations’ sustainability initiatives. Anna has also worked as a law clerk and as a journalist focusing on public authorities.

Image of Linda Scott Jakobsson
Davide Maneschi


+46(0)8 525 203 86

Davide has an academic background in law and in environmental management and policy. He has experience as an analyst and advisor on socially responsible investments, and expertise in reviewing the environmental and human rights performance of companies. He has also worked as a sustainability consultant on corporate responsibility and climate reporting. At Swedwatch his focus areas are climate change and sustainable investment.

Hannah CV pic
Hannah Peters


+46 (0)8 525 203 70

Hannah has worked for several years in the field of international cooperation and development. She has worked closely with governments, inter-governmental organisations and non-governmental organisations. Within the business and human rights field, her focus areas have been sustaining peace, climate change and sustainable development. She has an academic background in human rights and political science.

jenny sv1
Jenny Haraldsson Molin

Head of Communications

+46 (0)8 525 203 75

Jenny has worked several years within communications, advocacy and awareness raising with a main focus on development and human rights issues. She has also worked as a journalist, with politics as her primary area of coverage. Her academic background is in development studies and economics.

Hale Julia
Julia Hale

Head of Finance and Administration

+46 (0)8 525 203 72

Julia coordinates the organisation’s PMEL (planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning) processes. She has an academic background in Politics and International studies.

Image of Linda Scott jakobsson
Linda Scott Jakobsson


+46 (0)8 525 203 80

Linda has an academic background in journalism and political science and specializes in public procurement. She has several years of experience in developing and implementing social criteria in public procurement on a municipal level. Linda has also worked extensively with the monitoring of suppliers to the public sector, focusing specifically on the social responsibility of their production chains.

Malena Wåhlin


+46 (0)8 525 203 76

Malena has many years of experience as a researcher at Swedwatch with a particular focus on issues such as land rights, indigenous peoples´ rights, women’s rights and dialogue with local communities. She has a background in journalism and development studies and has previously worked in Latin America as a journalist and with development cooperation.

Image of Maria
Maria Bogiatzis

Finance & Administration Officer

+46(0)8 525 203 85

Maria is an accountant and has worked for several years within the private sector. Her academic background is in economics and development studies. At Swedwatch her focus areas are finance and administration.

Olof Björnsson
Olof Björnsson


+46 (0)8 525 203 77

Olof is a former journalist with experience working in The Middle East and North Africa. As a researcher at Swedwatch Olof has worked with migrant rights in the Gulf Region and corporate responsibility in conflict zones.

Sanjida Shamsher Elora


+46 (0)8 525 203 79

Sanjida has an academic background in geography, urban planning and development studies. She has previously lived in Bangladesh where she worked with issues related to poverty eradication, governance, womens’ empowerment, child labour and climate and environmental justice. At Swedwatch her foucs areas are the textile industry and food security.

Foto Therese Sjöström 2
Therese Sjöström-Jaekel

Head of Research

+46 (0)8 525 203 81

Therese is an expert on human rights in complex environments, particularly in areas where conflict overlaps with mining. During her time at Swedwatch she has conducted field research in DR Congo, Myanmar, Zambia and Brazil. With 12 years of professional experience in the area of human rights, Therese has previously worked with responsible investments, indigenous peoples rights and gender based violence. She has also worked with internally displaced persons in conflict-ridden areas in Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico. Therese holds an MA in political science.

Tom Sullivan

Communications Advisor

+46(0)8 525 203 83

Tom has a background in journalism, communication and human rights advocacy. He has covered Asia and the Nordic countries as a foreign correspondent and worked as a communication and advocacy consultant for human rights groups in southeast Asia. His academic background is in politics and communication for development.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-20 at 10.45.31
Yayoi Lagerqvist


+46(0)8 525 203 84

Yayoi Lagerqvist has two decades of university teaching and research experience and has worked in international development cooperation focusing on land use, natural resource management and global development. She has extensive field experience in the Asia Pacific Region. Yayoi has a PhD in Agricultural Economics and International Development from Kobe University, Japan.