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Since its inception in 2003, Swedwatch’s has worked to create positive change for people adversely affected by company activities. Our aim is that companies, investors and states make sustainable decisions that put rights holders at the centre.

Swedwatch has highlighted human rights risks and environmental issues in over 90 investigative reports, covering many different sectors – from extractives and agriculture to energy, textiles, food and tourism. We work to place corporate responsibility higher on the agenda, to push for change and to support those affected with tools to hold business accountable. Swedwatch facilitates capacity development and increases awareness, which has resulted in greater influence for workers, local communities and civil society organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Change on several levels

In order for our work to be as effective as possible, we monitor and evaluate our results regularly. Our ambition is to contribute to positive change across stakeholders in the form of greater respect for the environment and human rights. We are committed to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals and take an integrated approach to human rights and environmental sustainability, recognising them as interdependent.

Our work creates positive change in areas where there is an urgent need: from efforts to end poverty, promote decent work and inclusive economic growth, to clean water and sanitation and combatting climate change.

We strive to:

  • make guidelines and processes within companies, investors and authorities ensure respect for human rights and the environment
  • identify gaps in laws and regulations regarding business, human rights and environment and make recommendations to companies and state actors
  • increase cooperation amongst and across stakeholder groups at national and international levels
  • promote new tools for demanding accountability and increased knowledge of rights among those affected by companies’ activities

Find out more about our results in our annual report.

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