Member organisations

Swedwatch has six member organisations: Afrikagrupperna, Act Church of Sweden, Diakonia, Fair Action, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Solidarity Sweden – Latin America. Many work with partner organisations in countries and regions where Swedwatch also focuses its research and impact goals. This underpins efforts by Swedwatch to ensure project and activity relevance, dialogue and capacity development.


Afrikagrupperna, The Africa Groups of Sweden, is a solidarity organisation that works together with partner organisations in Southern Africa and undertakes information and advocacy work in Sweden. The main areas of focus for the organisation are trade, natural resources and food sovereignty, working and living conditions, and HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).


The main areas of focus of Diakonia’s work on development cooperation are democratisation, human rights, equality, economic and social justice, and peace and reconciliation. Their work is founded on people’s desire and ability to change and improve the world. They work in partnership with around 400 local organisations, associations and grassroots movements in around 30 countries.

Fair Action

Fair Action is a not-for-profit organisation which works to promote more equitable trade. They monitor Swedish companies’ trade with low-income countries and run campaigns and consumer awareness programmes to persuade companies to trade with due respect for people and the environment.

Solidarity Sweden-Latin America (Latinamerikagrupperna)

Solidarity Sweden-Latin America works together with popular movements in Latin America to establish an equitable and sustainable society and an equitable distribution of the earth’s resources. Its partners are organised smallholders, agricultural workers and indigenous people from social movements Via Campesina and the indigenous peoples’ movement.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation works on environmental issues, with a focus mainly on forests, agriculture, climate, marine ecosystems and fishing, plus environmental toxins.

Act Church of Sweden

Act Church of Sweden primarily prioritises cases concerning the right to food and water, the situation in conflict zones, respect for human rights and the situation of migrant workers. It has partner organisations in around 25 countries in Central and South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.